CEO Dare Deck


The CEO Dare Deck contains 52 cards which have been designed to help you cultivate the habit of taking more chances and becoming a more daring CEO.

This 52-card deck is broken down into 4 dare categories – visibility, vulnerability, connection and sales. Challenge yourself to a random dare every week of the year or focus on a single category at a time.

Each card will challenge you to take action in ways that’ll help your business grow and you develop as a CEO.

How It Works...

1. Pick a Dare

You can choose a dare weekly or monthly at random or by category, 

2. Make an Action Plan

Use the CEO Dare Roadmap to create an action plan to tackle your dare.

3. Celebrate & Reflect

Celebrate taking action regardless of the outcome!

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Cultivate the Daring CEO Habit

The best things in business and life happen outside of your comfort zone – cut through analysis paralysis with the CEO Dare Deck

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