CEO Dare Method by Daring CEO

When I think back to all of the “leaps” my business has taken, it’s always been a result of a “CEO Dare” – a tool I’ve been using since the beginning.

Probably like a lot of entrepreneurs, the start of my entrepreneurial career felt like a giant dare. I took a leap and started sacrificing my free time outside of my corporate gig to the world of online business.

But there were also a series of dares that accompanied the decision:

Within the first week of starting my business (November 11, 2014), I pulled the trigger on hiring my first coach (at $1500 for 3 months, it felt like a fortune at the time), I launched my website, put together a special for Black Friday (learned what Black Friday even was) and held my first webinar (I’ll spare you the embarrassing topic).

Since then I’ve gone on to use CEO Dares to pursue countless terrifying opportunities (heard a lot yesses and even more no’s) and am proud to be at the helm of both Your Content Empire and the Content Empire Agency (and now this passion project: The Daring CEO).

So brace yourself: things are about to get a little more daring and your business will be all the better for it.

Step 1: Create Your Business Bucket List

The number one thing I hear from people trying to come up with their CEO Dare action plans is that they have trouble settling on just one dare to start with first.

And I get it.

You either have way too many ideas that it’s hard to choose.

Or you can’t come up with anything that feels 100% right for you.

So we’re going to come up with a list of things you want to do in the lifetime of your business. There are categories to help you brainstorm (visibility, connection, sales, vulnerability) along with subcategories.

Download my business bucket list template below: 

Daring CEO Method by Daring CEO

Step 2: Pick One to Focus on First

The beauty of the CEO Dares is that it encourages you to cultivate the habit of putting yourself out there on a regular basis – it isn’t a race or a competition (or even about whether you hear a yes or no t the end of the day), it’s about taking the action of daring yourself regularly.

So don’t try to be a hero by taking on 10 dares at once, pick the first one and bench the rest for later!

Step 3: Cultivate a Daring CEO Mindset

Before you begin taking action on your dare, take a moment to get all introspective. Because when it comes to these dares you’re setting for yourself, guess what IS NOT going to hold you back? A lack of know-how, opportunities or skills

And yet, these are where we focus all of our attention on the reasons why we can’t move forward. The thing that will hold you back? Believing you’ll fail — even if it’s on some deeper, subconscious level.

Take a few moments to look closely at your limiting beliefs around the first dare you’ve chosen!

Sign up for the CEO Mindset Worksheet Below For Help with This Step:

CEO Dare Method by Daring CEO

Step 4: Now It’s Action Time

So with those starter steps outta the way, it’s finally time to plot your course for this dare.

The purpose of planning ahead of time is to limit the decision making that you have to make in the moment. This is key with your CEO Dare because it means that all you have to focus on is the very next step (not worrying about 10 steps from now).

Use the CEO Dare Planner to Plan Your Action Steps

Take Action

If you want company and accountability in your CEO Dare journey – you have an open invitation to my CEO Dare Roadmap – a FREE 5-Day Email Course guiding you through choosing, planning and tackling your first CEO Dare. Just click here to sign up!

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